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The Melting Pot

Host Dominic Monkhouse talks to entrepreneurs, authors and thought-leaders from within the world of business. He's interested in how to create great companies and those business owners who are doing things differently. Whether that's through the strategies they use, their culture or the brilliant. Dom is himself a business expert and coach, as well as the founder of Scaling Up Business - helping businesses scale their organisation to find stable, consistent growth. #business coaching #leadership skills #strategy #sales coaching #motivation

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    Rethinking The Sales Process with Justin Roff-Marsh

    Justin Roff-Marsh from Ballistix is on a mission to shatter the myths around what makes sales people great.

    Key takeaways: Why sales should learn from effective operations and production environments, what Ballistix does, why companies’ approach to sales is wrong, why the sales environment needs to feature division of labour, the misplaced focus on marketing, why we shouldn’t pay salespeople commission, and why sales isn’t all about personal relationships.

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    Getting a Grip on Your Business with EOS Implementer Mike Paton

    If you’re looking for a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that will help the leadership team of your entrepreneurial company make better decisions, listen to Mike Paton.

    Key takeaways: What visionary means in the EOS world How Mike found himself working with entrepreneurs everyday Why writing the book was the hardest thing Mike has ever done What putting EOS into place looks like for some businesses The Level 10 Meeting

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    Finding a life rhythm with Nigel Bennett

    Have you ever wanted to just put a pin in your life, upsticks and travel the world with your family before it’s too late? Well, that’s just what Nigel Bennett, owner and founder of Aqua-Guard, did.

    Key takeaways: Why Nigel decided not to sell his business The incident with his father in an Egyptian prison The life goals he set with his business coach, Kevin Lawrence Why he wrote his book - ‘Take that Leap - Risking it all for what really matters’ His gap year with his family

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    Watertight Marketing - How to Not Waste Money on Marketing with Bryony Thomas

    Bryony Thomas is an author and developer of Watertight Marketing. She is a font of knowledge that will help you to grow your business.

    Key takeaways: What the Watertight Marketing methodology is Don’t think of marketing as something that can be finished The importance of language Why a marketing funnel is the wrong analogy for successful marketing Marketing isn’t a checklist to be completed, it’s a mindset to be adopted How Bryony’s marketing transformation programme works

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    Sandler Training and Making Channel Sales Work with David Davies

    If you’re wondering how to make your salespeople more effective, listen to Sandler trainer David Davies in this week’s episode of The Melting Pot.

    Key takeaways:

    The most successful organisation he’s been involved in Why David become a Sandler trainer How the Sandler approach is different Why David’s clients are predominantly tech businesses Selling is a mutual problem solving exercise The industry sin isn't commission Why PowerPoint is still relevant in sales How to work more effectively with partners

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    The Challenge of Scale with Ben Fletcher

    Ben Fletcher is a serial entrepreneur, the CEO of Lead Bullets and the proud maker of multiple mistakes

    Key takeaways: How Lead Bullets helps founders of businesses How Ben ended up with an events business by trying to get out of events What they do differently to every other events company Define your mission if you want to achieve success Ben’s favourite mistakes The importance of hiring the right people Why raising money isn’t always the answer

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    Innovating Through Operational Excellence with John Rossman

    Today’s guest is John Rossman, the highly sought after analyst who worked for in its early days and who has since been featured by The New York Times and CNBC.

    Key takeaways: Why digital transformation is about personal leadership How operational excellence feeds into innovation How Amazon launched Marketplace What didn’t go to plan with Amazon Marketplace The importance of writing simple clear communications Why his books aren’t about Amazon, they’re about the reader

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    The Journey to Midlife Awakening with Sue Hollis

    If you’ve ever wondered if this is all there is, then you need to listen to this week’s podcast with Sue Hollis, the founder of TravelEdge.

    Key takeaways:

    The highs and lows of Sue’s entrepreneurship journey Why she places such high impetus on values How to build a company culture through your hiring process Invest in your people and get the most out of them whilst they work for you Leadership can be knowing when to step aside as CEO Don’t work with organisations that don't fit your values

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    Helping Companies Fix Their Recruitment Challenge with Brad Smart

    This week’s guest is Dr. Brad Smart, the founder and CEO of Topgrading Inc, a company that, amongst many things, interviews candidates for hire or promotion to senior positions - the A-players, the topgrade.

    Key takeaways: Why Brad got started recruiting high performers The secrets of topgrading Why HR can’t deliver A-players 40-50% of all resumes contain significant lies Why he replaced the job description with a scorecard Why he isn’t a fan of psychometric testing

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    The Story of Predictable Success With Les McKeown

    Today’s guest is Les McKeown, founder and CEO of Predictable Success. Les consults with C-level teams on how to lead their organisations to the state of peak performance. And it’s this predictable success that we talk about today.

    Key takeaways:

    What Predictable Success is Why Predictable Success is not limited to just for profit organisations The seven stages of a business life cycle The different styles of working including individuals, the visionaries, operators, processors and synergists

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    Brandwatch: matching business needs to the world’s needs with Giles Palmer

    Today’s guest is Giles Palmer, founder and CEO of Brandwatch, a company devised to help organisations find and engage with online conversations that matter; a digital consumer intelligence company.

    Key takeaways: Why Brandwatch measures the impact of influencing without being an influencer The different interpretations of fake news How big data allows companies to make better decisions Coffee trends come out of San Francisco Dealing with a gender pay gap The issues with merging two rival companies

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    Dispelling Myths Around Growth: A Conversation with Spencer Gallagher and Pete Hoole [Rebroadcast]

    Spencer Gallagher and Pete Hoole, co-founders of Cactus, work with the next generation of independent Agencies to help them scale. They've recently published Agencynomics, a book based on their experiences, that dispels common myths of success and sets benchmarks around real-world KPIs.

    Key points from the episode: Work-life balance and a corporate culture of trust How personal relationships grow your business A better way to qualify your leads A client-centric approach to staff structure

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    Opportunity is Now Here With the SCA 2.0 Dean, Marc Lewis

    This week’s guest on The Melting Pot is Dean and founder of School of Communication Arts 2.0, Marc Lewis.

    Key takeaways:

    Why SCA 2.0 and what happened to 1.0 How he managed to buy his first Ferrari at 21 off the back of sex Why Marc attributes his success to sheer dumb luck What he learned from his time running his businesses His firm belief in the practice of gratitude Why learning should be action in rehearsal The problem with traditional pedagogical teaching Why drugs dampen creativity

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    Cutting through the marketing bullsh*t with Sander Arts

    Today’s guest on The Melting Pot is Dutch-born Sander Arts, a global award-winning CMO who co-wrote Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing.

    Key takeaways: Why he wrote the book Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing Key nuggets from the book, including “Everything needs to be people-to-people” Why he focuses on ROI in marketing, rather than branding and awareness The main challenge for businesses doing work in China Interesting developments in the IoT space out of Silicon Valley Lessons from the Microchip acquisition

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    Developing corporate emotional intelligence with Gareth Chick

    This week’s guest on The Melting Pot is a former CFO, CEO and chairman of both public and private companies, now founder and managing partner of Collaborative Equity, Gareth Chick.

    Key takeaways: How a leadership course 34 years ago changed his life The three prime unconscious controlling habits of managers Why most managers need a deeper level of emotional intelligence Why managerial behaviours typically come about by learned experience What we should learn from three-year-olds

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    Daniel Marcos: Growing Companies One CEO at a Time

    Today’s guest is Daniel Marcos, co-founder and CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute, based in Austin Texas. A lifelong entrepreneur, Daniel has run his company for the past 20 years.

    Key takeaways: Why Daniel became an entrepreneur His struggles at being a CEO at age 26 Why running a company changes every time the company grows Why the founder isn’t always the best person to lead the company The four stages of growing a company The Growth Institute

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    Nicole Yershon - Turning Disruption into Advantage

    On today’s episode of The Melting Pot, we talk to Nicole Yershon, founder and CEO of the NY Collective. The company uses a leverage-business model that turns disruption to advantage.

    Key takeaways:

    Why being disruptive isn’t a bad thing Why you can’t affect change without the right people How she was so successful at Gold Greenlees and Trott The Fearless Breakfast (and the problem with fear) How she wrote her book What’s in her Fearless Manifesto

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    Growing and Scaling a Creative Business with Andrew Dobbie

    Today’s guest is the founder and Managing Director of creative brand agency, MadeBrave® and Executive Chairman of content production agency, Campfire®, Andrew Dobbie.

    Key takeaways: Andrew’s motivation to branch out on his own How he got busy, quickly Why he took a step back from designing to focus on the business How he grew and cultivated his brand How Andrew’s companies use their brand values to attract top employees His advice on thinking positively How to grow and scale a creative business

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    Matt Johnson: Bringing Electronics and Our Environment Together

    Today’s guest is Matt Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Bare Conductive, a company that integrates electronics directly into the environment.

    Key takeaways:

    Why the company is about more than just ink Why they’re still figuring out how to get the most from their product How they’ve whittled their applications down to 3, from 53 Why they struggle with identifying who the customer is Why sticking with the original plan is so tough How they’ve managed to run a lean start up

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    Jenny Kitchen: How To Create a Great Environment for Your Employees

    We talk with Jenny Kitchen, MD of Yoyo Design, a company specialising in designing digital solutions so that every brand can tell its own story and create a genuine user engagement.

    Key takeaways: Why she became MD out of all three business partners. How to measure being a great place to work. How to find and attract new employees. How to come back from maternity or paternity leave. How to be a better business owner by embracing flexible working. Why the myth of having it all, is just that, a myth.

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    Sally Henderson: Influencing Change From the Inside Out

    Today’s guest is executive change mentor Sally Henderson. With a background in coaching-based recruitment and 20 years of experience in leadership development, Sally works with high performing senior leaders keen to reach ambition faster, by enabling powerful change, from the inside out.

    Key takeaways: How do you know if you’re not living a rich life? Why imposter syndrome in senior leaders is such a common trait How she creates change that other people say isn’t possible The 3Cs for successful change

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    Nic Marks: Measuring the Population’s Happiness

    Today’s guest is Nic Marks, CEO and Founder of Friday, the company Nic set up to track employee happiness, in order to help businesses build a positive productive work culture.

    Key takeaways: Why Nic measures happiness How happiness is an indicator of how content people are The benefits of increasing happiness among the population of the UK The link between happiness and political affiliation Why Friday is the best day of the week to conduct a happiness survey 5 ways to increase happiness at work

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    FizzPopBANG: Creating an amazing brand by cultivating a brilliant culture with Carla Cringle and Imogen Pudduck.

    Today’s guests are Carla Cringle and Imogen Pudduck, co-founders of FizzPopBANG Ltd, a small consultancy specialising in brand employee engagement.

    Key takeaways:

    The power of brand ambassadors How to empower people to make brand decisions when you’re not there Why you should show, not tell, what you are as a business Culture is the common denominator of your business. The importance of brand values Culture is built from within, and it’s based on a million different things

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    From hacker to neuroscientist: how we make choices with Professor Moran Cerf

    Today’s guest is Moran Cerf, a neuroscientist and business professor at the Kellogg School of Management and the neuroscience program at Northwestern University.

    Key takeaways: How are conscious percepts formed in our brain? Why social interactions are so important to our brains Why his goal is to make the world a more optimistic place Your brain is a storytelling machine Why we only have control over 15% of our brains, and that isn’t the decision-making part Combating addiction to social media

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    Discover the Power of Culture With the Cultural Strategist, Aga Bajer

    Today’s guest is Aga Bajer, better known as the culture strategist. She helps companies cultivate a better culture in order to bring their vision to life.

    Key takeaways: Learn about her book, Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture Learn about her podcast, CultureLab with Aga Bajer How her childhood set her on this current path Why she can’t pinpoint which country she loves living in the most What motivated her to leave the corporate world and set out on her own

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    John Housego: The Importance of Employee Ownership for Business Success

    Today’s guest is John Housego, a proud Cornishman now living in Scotland, who spent 22 years with W L Gore & Associates. He is a keen advocate for employee ownership.

    Key takeaways: The impact leaders have on employee performance The sensitivity to team dynamics when things begin to shift in the workplace Why employers should work to develop employee ownership The importance of company culture, values and goals to employees The benefits of an associate ownership programme

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    Neal Gandhi: On Breaking Moulds and Championing Collaboration

    Today’s guest is Neal Gandhi, CEO of Panoply, a world-class creative technology group, with collaboration at its core.

    Key takeaways: Why Panoply floated just 2 years after incorporating Why their M&A journey is atypical What the Panoply vision for the future looks like How Panoply grew Why Olly Rigby was Neal’s perfect business partner Why Panoply is like a murmuration of starlings Why RPA is the future The benefits of nearshoring

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    Tristan White on Why Culture is Everything

    Today’s guest is Tristan White, CEO of The Physio Co. For 10 years, The Physio Co has ranked as one of Australia's 50 Best Places to Work.

    Key takeaways: Why he set his 10-year goal to have treated 2 million seniors What new goal they’ve just set for the next 10 years The challenges he faced early on hiring people The importance of finding the sweet spot between being a friend and a boss The different types of culture businesses can have What he wishes he knew earlier on in his career

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    Behind the Scenes of in the Night Garden Live with Creator Andy Fletcher

    Today we talk to Andy Fletcher, responsible for making spectacular family theatre events such as In the Night Garden Live.

    Key takeaways: Why he chose to get involved with such a complicated production as In The Night Garden. His reason behind opting to use the airline ticketing model to sell theatre tickets. The difference between their two productions. Why it’s so important as a small business owner to be a jack of all trades. The importance of investing in great staff.

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    Meet Danielle Chiel: Changing Lives One Hand-Knitted Garment at a Time

    Today’s guest is Danielle Chiel, an Australian entrepreneur who founded KOCO (Knit One Change One).

    Key takeaways: How she is building a women’s only business which is hand-knitting the world together. How she got started after she swore never to go back to India. Where you can find out more information about the lady who hand-knitted each jumper. The trials and tribulations of getting a new business of the ground in a country that doesn’t speak your language.

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    Enjoying the Journey: Entrepreneurism and Family with Caspar and Nichola Craven

    Husband and wife team Caspar and Nichola Craven are an intrepid pair of entrepreneurs.

    Listen as they share their story and how they’ve created a new business working together to coach entrepreneurs on the importance of focusing on family first to enjoy the journey.

    On today’s podcast: A family first mentality “Nothing ever happens without a deadline” Values-based approach in business and at home The benefits of spending quality time with family Don’t defer happiness

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    A Conversation with Hiut Denim Co CEO, David Hieatt

    David Hieatt, CEO of Hiut Denim, is best known for giving purpose (and their jobs) back to the jeans makers in Cardigan, Wales. Hiut Denim hit the big time when when Meghan Markle wore a pair of Hiut Denim jeans, resulting in a three month waiting list for the brand.

    Key takeaways: The enormous potential of the compound effect The value of persistence Why you should improve yourself by 1% each day Purpose-driven brand growth How to make a return on luck Why naivety is a good quality in entrepreneurs

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    Experimenting with Energy: A Conversation with Chris Baréz-Brown

    Chris Baréz-Brown is the Founder of Upping Your Elvis, trainer, speaker, and author of such books as “Wake Up” and”Shine.” In his work, Chris helps people find and channel their energy.

    Tune in to understand the different types of energy and how to harness your own to create a more positive work and life experience.

    On today’s podcast: Understanding the creative genius inside yourself Managing the feedback in your head and use it to stimulate positivity Eliminating dysfunction and waste

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    Daring to Dream Bigger with Guy Rigby

    Guy Rigby takes a unique approach to accounting, working directly with the founder at owner-managed business as Chair of Entrepreneurial Services at Smith and Williamson. Tune in as we talk about common pitfalls many entrepreneurs face, and how to dream bigger.

    Key takeaways: Recruiting for character and training for skills Helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals Developing the confidence to pursue your vision Your first hire and who you need to have on board for growth

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    Dispelling Myths Around Growth: A Conversation with Spencer Gallagher and Pete Hoole

    Spencer Gallagher and Pete Hoole, co-founders of Cactus, work with the next generation of independent Agencies to help them scale. They've recently published Agencynomics, a book based on their experiences, that dispels common myths of success and sets benchmarks around real-world KPIs.

    Key points from the episode: Work-life balance and a corporate culture of trust How personal relationships grow your business A better way to qualify your leads A client-centric approach to staff structure

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    [Rebroadcast] Henry Stewart - Be Happy

    Henry Stewart believes people should find joy at work. As the Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Ltd and author of Happy Manifesto, Henry has made happiness his business. During our conversation we explore a few of the core principles of the Happy Manifesto, and what it really what it looks like when you trust your people.

    Key Takeaways: Coaching rather than managing staff Prepproving projects Shifting away from blame culture Getting great at your strengths Giving choices, not delegating tasks

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    Powering Technology with the Human Element: Meet Barnaby Lashbrooke

    Barnaby Lashbrooke, founder and CEO of Time etc, simultaneously helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and provides meaningful work for stay at home moms. Today I talked to Barnaby about creating a human experience with a largely virtual workforce.

    Key takeaways: Cultural shifts around the virtual workforce Building high performance teams Creating a human-focused corporate culture Eliminating hierarchies and creating a flat office

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    [Rebroadcast] Alexandra Eavis - Harnessing Tech To Improve Lives

    Alexandra (Alex) Eavis--co-founder of Dovetail Lab, How Do I?, and Alcove--talks about how technology can be used to help those who need it most, and and shares thoughts on what it is like to work for something you believe in.

    Key takeaways: Investing in technologies to revolutionize for the future What it takes to make a social impact, and a profit The democratization of content creation Creating aspirational products Creating a space for a digital detox in our lives

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    The Incredible Power of Clear, Heartfelt Communication: Meet Adam Fairhead

    English entrepreneur and philanthropist Adam Fairhead talks about why it’s so important for companies to communicate coherently and send out clear messages that people can resonate with.

    Key takeaways: Making communication clearer and more efficient Adam’s book, “Marketing Isn’t About You” The magic of having a service-oriented one-page scrollable website Adam’s book recommendations

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    A Marxist-Capitalist Approach To Business: Meet Simon Biltcliffe

    Webmart CEO Simon Biltcliffe talks about his “marxist-capitalist” approach to business.

    Key takeaways: The marxist-capitalist business model Transforming his employees into entrepreneurs How they hire new people Why they do biannual team peer-reviews Simon’s book recommendations

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    Let’s Meet Better: Elise Keith

    Meeting expert Elise Keith discusses how to have consistently great meetings in your workplace.

    Key takeaways: Meetings don’t have to be gruesome What makes a good meeting? Everybody needs to speak during a meeting Companies need to respect people’s time How to make an important decision Book recommendations

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    [Rebroadcast] Jedi Mind Tricks To Turn A Negative Into A Positive

    The Wow Company & The Agency Collective co-founder Peter Czapp talks about his dedication to helping small businesses grow.

    Key takeaways: Why receiving negative feedback is the only way to get better Why he agrees that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” How he uses a special mind trick to turn negatives into positives Why focus is so important And, how you should always enjoy the journey!

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    Innovating Within the Tech Landscape: Meet Mike Tobin

    Serial tech entrepreneur Mike Tobin talks about his passion for technology, innovation and charity.

    Key takeaways: Why it’s important to have realistic performance expectations Keeping up with the times is not optional, it’s essential Mike’s involvement in charity projects Why fear is an irrational emotion Having a vision is more important than planning on a strategy Work-life balance just doesn’t exist

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    Helping Businesses Get Proper Funding: Meet Stephen Sacks

    Author and keynote speaker Stephen Sacks talks about his passion for helping businesses receive the right funding.

    Key takeaways: Lack of cash can be the symptom of a bigger problem Common issues businesses face Stephen’s turning point His passion for helping businesses acquire free cash Motivation drives success Stephen’s book recommendations

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    Coaching Scaleup Companies Around the World: Meet Roland Siebelink

    Scaleup expert and coach Roland Siebelink talks about how to reach product market dominance.

    Key takeaways: Why it’s better to avoid hiring executives that come from big corporations Helping companies become more robust while keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive Going from early market to mainstream Dimensions to consider: followers, strategic focus, follow through and flow Roland’s book recommendations

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    Converting a Hobby into a Successful Video Games Business: Meet Craig Fletcher

    Craig Fletcher, founder of video games events & online hosting company Multiplay, talks about how he turned his hobby into a successful business.

    Key takeaways: Two businesses in one: a video games success story How Twitch changed the gaming landscape Multiplay’s slow, organic growth Getting acquired by GAME Digital What Craig would now do differently Craig’s book recommendations for the curious and entrepreneurial

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    How to Achieve the Best Net Promoter Score Part II: Meet Tony Pandher

    Tony Pandher, Head of Operations at Macquarie Cloud Services, talks about how they build a gold-class customer service centre.

    Key takeaways: Why they chose to hire students How they built an amazing culture What they were after: a technology gene and a passion for delighting customers Hiring students on two-year contracts and investing in their growth Creating a knowledge base Launching the Legend program

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    Using the Net Promoter System to Create a Gold-Class Customer Contact Center: Meet Fionán Mc Donnell

    Fionán Mc Donnell, NSW New Business Manager at Macquarie Telecom Group, explains how he ended up creating the contact centre with the best customer service score in Australia.

    Why they spent a lot of time on recruitment Empowering their employees Prioritizing customer satisfaction over operational efficiency The power of transparency What Fred Reichheld, the creator of the NPS, told Fionán after visiting their contact centre

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    Great Company Culture Equals Success: Meet Nikki Gatenby

    Nikki Gatenby is the Managing Director and Co-Owner of Propellernet, a marketing agency with an award-winning company culture.

    Key takeaways: How to spark innovation Their five key values Why they keep a close eye on their team’s wellbeing The importance of staying adventurous Why they value regular check-ins with their team What’s in Nikki’s recent book, Superengaged

    Full show notes:

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    Rethinking Education: Meet Liz Robinson

    Liz Robinson is a passionate leader on a mission to create significant changes in the current educational system.

    Key takeaways: The flaws in our current education system Engaging children to be active change agents A school with no rules Surrey Square’s seven core values Innovating quality assurance Tracking progress using personal excellence journey books

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    Chris Donnelly - The Perfect Pitch & Finding A Niche - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 14

    **PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A TINY BIT OF SWEARING IN THIS EPISODE!** At the age of 27 Chris Donnelly already runs a very successful business, Verb. He's the founder and managing director of the digital agency that works with luxury brands, including Jimmy Choo, Claridges and The Wolseley. Chris started the business at university and then developed it into what it is today when he saw a gap in the market for high-end brands. The entrepreneur talks to podcast host, Dominic Monkhouse, about that journey and the ways in which he's managed to create such a successful company in such a short time. They cover: - Finding your niche - Building relationships, and trust, with prospective clients even before a pitch - How culture, and spotting the right talent, is essential - Pitfalls to a merger - Pitches, and how organising them like a military operation has led to a fantastic win rate - And why he wants to give back Plus, Chris talks about how his event 'Trend', a conference for luxury brands, is pushing his success further and why they've also started 'London Women In Digital'.

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    Peter Czapp - Jedi Mind Tricks To Turn A Negative Into A Positive - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 13

    Peter Czapp loves what he does. He's the co-founder of Wow, an accountancy firm that helps you grow your business not just fill in your tax return. In this episode of Dominic Monkhouse's The Melting Pot, Peter explains why he felt driven to launch his own business, despite not having an accountancy background. And why he's so passionate about delivering that 'Wow' to clients. Peter also talks to Dom about: Why receiving negative feedback is the only way to get better Why he agrees that "culture eats strategy for breakfast" How he uses a special mind trick to turn negatives into positives Why focus is so important And, how you should always enjoy the journey!

  54. Thumb 1539882579 artwork

    Nick Earle - Hyperloop & Making A Difference -The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 12

    Nick Earle has spent over 35 years in tech. He’s currently the Chairman and CEO of Eseye - a leading company in the Internet of Things Market. He was involved in Virgin’s Hyperloop One and has also worked for Cisco and HP. He’s covered a lot of ground and host, Dominic Monkhouse, talks to him about all of it in this episode of The Melting Pot Podcast. They chat about why he’s decided to move onto projects that are making a difference to the world Why Hyperloop will be the next big mode of transportation and how it’ll impact our lives in a positive way How curiosity has driven his career Why it’s never been a better time to start a business And a LOT more! If you want to see more from Nick then he has a TED Talk here:

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    Alexandra Eavis - Harnessing Tech To Improve Lives - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 11

    Alexandra Eavis is the CEO Dovetail Lab. Working to create an integrated system using blockchain that will enable patients to have access and control over their medical data. She is also the CEO of NFC Helps Me a social enterprise to support people with learning disabilities acquire life and employment skills. Alex is the latest guest on The Melting Pot Podcast with host Dominic Monkhouse. She talks about harnessing the power of tech to help people who need it the most, the pain of fundraising, how, in business, you need to make sure you love what you do, and tips on getting that balance right.

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    Dr. Jack Kreindler - A.I.- The Future Of Medicine? -The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 10

    Dr. Jack Kreindler is a leading expert in health optimisation. Founder of the Centre For Health and Human Performance, Jack works not only with top athletes but also cancer patients, including the late Dame Tessa Jowell. Jack is also a medical technology entrepreneur in the areas of wireless bio-sensors and artificial intelligence. He does a lot of great work. In this episode of The Melting Pot Dr. Jack talks to host, Dominic Monkhouse, about advances in healthcare, and how tech and AI is pushing that forward. They also talk about health hacks that can help us cope with our busy lifestyles, how working with Douglas Adams was a big inspiration and how working at high-altitude is a lot like being an entrepreneur.

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    Alain Falys - Customer Loyalty Goes Digital - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep9

    Alain Falys is a serial entrepreneur. He's currently the chairman of YoYo Wallet the fastest growing mobile payment and loyalty payment marketing platform in Europe. They allow companies to get to know their customers better, meaning they can offer more specific loyalty prizes. He's raised a massive £35 million in seed to series B capital from Tier 1 VC's in the last 10 years - he knows a lot about business, but admits he hasn't always got it right! So, in this episode of The Meting Pot Podcast, host Dom Monkhouse chats to Alain about his journey, his thoughts on Brexit, blockchain and the FinTech companies of the future.

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    Verne Harnish - Scaling Up and its Challenges -The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 8

    Verne Harnish has helped around 40,000 companies scale-up. He knows business and host Dom Monkhouse admits Verne has been a huge influence in his life. Verne is founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), heads up an international coaching organisation and hosts an international summit, plus he’s written books Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up which are must reads for any business owner. \InIn thie spisode of The Melting Pot Verne and Dom discusss: The importance of talent Visions and core values A.I in business The “power of focus” How lonely it can get for entrepreneurs Identifying constraints that can actually help a company grow We hope you enjoy.

  59. Thumb 1539882587 artwork

    Alexander Kjerulf - Why Happiness Is Our Responsibility - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 7

    Alexander Kjerulf has been working to create happier workplaces for over 15 years. He is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo inc and one of the world’s leading experts on happiness at work. He's also written two books - Leading With Happiness and Happy Hour Is 9 To 5. In this episode of The Melting Pot he talks to Dominic Monkhouse about why happiness at work is so important, and what makes us happy. It isn't those perks like pool tables and free coffee, it's results and relationships. Alex talks more about that, plus why company visions, praise and recognition are so important too. As well as this podcast you can also pick up some great tips from Alex's TEDx talk - (which is mentioned in the podcast).

  60. Thumb 1539882587 artwork

    Shannon Byrne Susko - The Accidental CEO - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 6

    Shannon Byrne Susko has more than twenty years of experience building and leading high-growth technology companies. She's now passing on her knowledge through coaching and her own books. Shannon wrote The Metronome Effect and her brand new release is 3HAG Way, a framework to running a successful business. In this episode of The Melting Pot Shannon talks to host Dominic Monkhouse about the journey that led her to where she is now, and what she learned along the way. Shannon admits it was 'chaos' at times, but she 'muddled' through, and became a CEO 'by accident'! Listen to her fascinating journey here:

  61. Thumb 1539882579 artwork

    Cate Murden - Wellness At Work - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep5

    **PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A TINY BIT OF SWEARING IN THIS EPISODE!** Cate Murden set up PUSH Mind and Body after realising the life she was living was no longer sustainable. It had got so bad she was signed off with stress. In this episode of The Melting Pot, Cate opens up to Dominic Monkhouse about that time in her life, and how it led to the creation of a company that would help others in a similar situation.

  62. Thumb 1539882579 artwork

    Henry Stewart - Be Happy - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 4

    How do you create a workplace where staff feel fulfilled and happy? Henry Stewart is the man who knows. He's the author of The Happy Manifesto: Make Your Organisation a Great Workplace. In Episode 4 of The Melting Pot Henry speaks to Dom Monkhouse about the steps we can take to make work a happier place to be. Ideas like: No managers (they have coaches) Pre-approving work Celebrating mistakes Playing to strengths. Henry has lots of ideas, and you can hear them all here.

  63. Thumb 1539882580 artwork

    Robert Belgrave - Don't Fear The Future - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 3

    Dom's guest this week is Robert Belgrave, CEO of cloud consultancy firm Wirehive and co-host of the Alexa Stop! podcast. Rob and Dom discuss how technology is changing our lives, for the better. They talk through: - How the way we harness energy will change - How communication will move forward, and the internet will move skywards - Autonomous vehicles and why we don't need to fear them - Crypto-currency and blockchain... and so much more!

  64. Thumb 1539882419 artwork

    David Tudehope - The Customer Is Everything - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 2

    This week on The Melting Pot Dominic Monkhouse is speaking to Macquarie Telecom CEO David Tudehope about how the business became one of the best in the world for customer services. Plus, how they're changing the way they work to encourage more Millennials into the business. The Melting Pot is hosted by business coach Dominic Monkhouse. In this series he talks to entrepreneurs who are doing things differently, pushing boundaries.

  65. Thumb 1539882420 artwork

    Evgeny Shadchnev - Thinking Outside The Business Box - The Melting Pot Podcast Ep 1

    The Melting Pot is hosted by business coach Dominic Monkhouse. In this series he talks to entrepreneurs who are doing things differently, pushing boundaries. This week he chats with the CEO of Makers Academy, Evgeny Shadchnev, covering everything from unlimited holidays for staff, no sales commission, salary transparency and set your own salaries.

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