The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot

Host Dominic Monkhouse talks to entrepreneurs, authors and thought-leaders from within the world of business. He's interested in how to create great companies and those business owners who are doing things differently, whether that's through the strategies they use, their culture or brilliant staff. Dom is himself a business expert and coach, as well as the founder of Foundry Media which helps businesses get to where they want to be. Dominic Monkhouse and his team can support with #business coaching #leadership skills #strategy #sales coaching #motivation

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    The Story of Predictable Success With Les McKeown

    Today’s guest is Les McKeown, founder and CEO of Predictable Success. Les consults with C-level teams on how to lead their organisations to the state of peak performance. And it’s this predictable success that we talk about today.

    Key takeaways:

    What Predictable Success is Why Predictable Success is not limited to just for profit organisations The seven stages of a business life cycle The different styles of working including individuals, the visionaries, operators, processors and synergists

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    Brandwatch: matching business needs to the world’s needs with Giles Palmer

    Today’s guest is Giles Palmer, founder and CEO of Brandwatch, a company devised to help organisations find and engage with online conversations that matter; a digital consumer intelligence company.

    Key takeaways: Why Brandwatch measures the impact of influencing without being an influencer The different interpretations of fake news How big data allows companies to make better decisions Coffee trends come out of San Francisco Dealing with a gender pay gap The issues with merging two rival companies

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    Dispelling Myths Around Growth: A Conversation with Spencer Gallagher and Pete Hoole [Rebroadcast]

    Spencer Gallagher and Pete Hoole, co-founders of Cactus, work with the next generation of independent Agencies to help them scale. They've recently published Agencynomics, a book based on their experiences, that dispels common myths of success and sets benchmarks around real-world KPIs.

    Key points from the episode: Work-life balance and a corporate culture of trust How personal relationships grow your business A better way to qualify your leads A client-centric approach to staff structure

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    Opportunity is Now Here With the SCA 2.0 Dean, Marc Lewis

    This week’s guest on The Melting Pot is Dean and founder of School of Communication Arts 2.0, Marc Lewis.

    Key takeaways:

    Why SCA 2.0 and what happened to 1.0 How he managed to buy his first Ferrari at 21 off the back of sex Why Marc attributes his success to sheer dumb luck What he learned from his time running his businesses His firm belief in the practice of gratitude Why learning should be action in rehearsal The problem with traditional pedagogical teaching Why drugs dampen creativity

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    Cutting through the marketing bullsh*t with Sander Arts

    Today’s guest on The Melting Pot is Dutch-born Sander Arts, a global award-winning CMO who co-wrote Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing.

    Key takeaways: Why he wrote the book Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing Key nuggets from the book, including “Everything needs to be people-to-people” Why he focuses on ROI in marketing, rather than branding and awareness The main challenge for businesses doing work in China Interesting developments in the IoT space out of Silicon Valley Lessons from the Microchip acquisition

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    Developing corporate emotional intelligence with Gareth Chick

    This week’s guest on The Melting Pot is a former CFO, CEO and chairman of both public and private companies, now founder and managing partner of Collaborative Equity, Gareth Chick.

    Key takeaways: How a leadership course 34 years ago changed his life The three prime unconscious controlling habits of managers Why most managers need a deeper level of emotional intelligence Why managerial behaviours typically come about by learned experience What we should learn from three-year-olds

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    Daniel Marcos: Growing Companies One CEO at a Time

    Today’s guest is Daniel Marcos, co-founder and CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute, based in Austin Texas. A lifelong entrepreneur, Daniel has run his company for the past 20 years.

    Key takeaways: Why Daniel became an entrepreneur His struggles at being a CEO at age 26 Why running a company changes every time the company grows Why the founder isn’t always the best person to lead the company The four stages of growing a company The Growth Institute

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    Nicole Yershon - Turning Disruption into Advantage

    On today’s episode of The Melting Pot, we talk to Nicole Yershon, founder and CEO of the NY Collective. The company uses a leverage-business model that turns disruption to advantage.

    Key takeaways:

    Why being disruptive isn’t a bad thing Why you can’t affect change without the right people How she was so successful at Gold Greenlees and Trott The Fearless Breakfast (and the problem with fear) How she wrote her book What’s in her Fearless Manifesto

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    Growing and Scaling a Creative Business with Andrew Dobbie

    Today’s guest is the founder and Managing Director of creative brand agency, MadeBrave® and Executive Chairman of content production agency, Campfire®, Andrew Dobbie.

    Key takeaways: Andrew’s motivation to branch out on his own How he got busy, quickly Why he took a step back from designing to focus on the business How he grew and cultivated his brand How Andrew’s companies use their brand values to attract top employees His advice on thinking positively How to grow and scale a creative business

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    Matt Johnson: Bringing Electronics and Our Environment Together

    Today’s guest is Matt Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Bare Conductive, a company that integrates electronics directly into the environment.

    Key takeaways:

    Why the company is about more than just ink Why they’re still figuring out how to get the most from their product How they’ve whittled their applications down to 3, from 53 Why they struggle with identifying who the customer is Why sticking with the original plan is so tough How they’ve managed to run a lean start up

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