The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot

Host Dominic Monkhouse talks to entrepreneurs, authors and thought-leaders from within the world of business. He's interested in how to create great companies and those business owners who are doing things differently. Whether that's through the strategies they use, their culture or the brilliant. Dom is himself a business expert and coach, as well as the founder of Scaling Up Business - helping businesses scale their organisation to find stable, consistent growth. #business coaching #leadership skills #strategy #sales coaching #motivation

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    Getting a Grip on Your Business with EOS Implementer Mike Paton

    If you’re looking for a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that will help the leadership team of your entrepreneurial company make better decisions, listen to Mike Paton.

    Key takeaways: What visionary means in the EOS world How Mike found himself working with entrepreneurs everyday Why writing the book was the hardest thing Mike has ever done What putting EOS into place looks like for some businesses The Level 10 Meeting

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    Finding a life rhythm with Nigel Bennett

    Have you ever wanted to just put a pin in your life, upsticks and travel the world with your family before it’s too late? Well, that’s just what Nigel Bennett, owner and founder of Aqua-Guard, did.

    Key takeaways: Why Nigel decided not to sell his business The incident with his father in an Egyptian prison The life goals he set with his business coach, Kevin Lawrence Why he wrote his book - ‘Take that Leap - Risking it all for what really matters’ His gap year with his family

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    Watertight Marketing - How to Not Waste Money on Marketing with Bryony Thomas

    Bryony Thomas is an author and developer of Watertight Marketing. She is a font of knowledge that will help you to grow your business.

    Key takeaways: What the Watertight Marketing methodology is Don’t think of marketing as something that can be finished The importance of language Why a marketing funnel is the wrong analogy for successful marketing Marketing isn’t a checklist to be completed, it’s a mindset to be adopted How Bryony’s marketing transformation programme works

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    Sandler Training and Making Channel Sales Work with David Davies

    If you’re wondering how to make your salespeople more effective, listen to Sandler trainer David Davies in this week’s episode of The Melting Pot.

    Key takeaways:

    The most successful organisation he’s been involved in Why David become a Sandler trainer How the Sandler approach is different Why David’s clients are predominantly tech businesses Selling is a mutual problem solving exercise The industry sin isn't commission Why PowerPoint is still relevant in sales How to work more effectively with partners

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    The Challenge of Scale with Ben Fletcher

    Ben Fletcher is a serial entrepreneur, the CEO of Lead Bullets and the proud maker of multiple mistakes

    Key takeaways: How Lead Bullets helps founders of businesses How Ben ended up with an events business by trying to get out of events What they do differently to every other events company Define your mission if you want to achieve success Ben’s favourite mistakes The importance of hiring the right people Why raising money isn’t always the answer

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    Innovating Through Operational Excellence with John Rossman

    Today’s guest is John Rossman, the highly sought after analyst who worked for in its early days and who has since been featured by The New York Times and CNBC.

    Key takeaways: Why digital transformation is about personal leadership How operational excellence feeds into innovation How Amazon launched Marketplace What didn’t go to plan with Amazon Marketplace The importance of writing simple clear communications Why his books aren’t about Amazon, they’re about the reader

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    The Journey to Midlife Awakening with Sue Hollis

    If you’ve ever wondered if this is all there is, then you need to listen to this week’s podcast with Sue Hollis, the founder of TravelEdge.

    Key takeaways:

    The highs and lows of Sue’s entrepreneurship journey Why she places such high impetus on values How to build a company culture through your hiring process Invest in your people and get the most out of them whilst they work for you Leadership can be knowing when to step aside as CEO Don’t work with organisations that don't fit your values

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    Helping Companies Fix Their Recruitment Challenge with Brad Smart

    This week’s guest is Dr. Brad Smart, the founder and CEO of Topgrading Inc, a company that, amongst many things, interviews candidates for hire or promotion to senior positions - the A-players, the topgrade.

    Key takeaways: Why Brad got started recruiting high performers The secrets of topgrading Why HR can’t deliver A-players 40-50% of all resumes contain significant lies Why he replaced the job description with a scorecard Why he isn’t a fan of psychometric testing

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    The Story of Predictable Success With Les McKeown

    Today’s guest is Les McKeown, founder and CEO of Predictable Success. Les consults with C-level teams on how to lead their organisations to the state of peak performance. And it’s this predictable success that we talk about today.

    Key takeaways:

    What Predictable Success is Why Predictable Success is not limited to just for profit organisations The seven stages of a business life cycle The different styles of working including individuals, the visionaries, operators, processors and synergists

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    Brandwatch: matching business needs to the world’s needs with Giles Palmer

    Today’s guest is Giles Palmer, founder and CEO of Brandwatch, a company devised to help organisations find and engage with online conversations that matter; a digital consumer intelligence company.

    Key takeaways: Why Brandwatch measures the impact of influencing without being an influencer The different interpretations of fake news How big data allows companies to make better decisions Coffee trends come out of San Francisco Dealing with a gender pay gap The issues with merging two rival companies

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